How do you safely climb a catladder?

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    There is this rule that when climbing a catladder you need to attach yourself to the ladder. So do it safely, you need to use a double lanyard on a full body harnass. Then you put your foot on the bottom rung and...
    Attach the one lanyard above your head onto a rung.
    Climb up the ladder.
    Attach the second lanyard to the ladder.
    Climb down the ladder and detach the first lanyard.
    Climb up the ladder and loosen the second lanyard.
    Climb down the ladder and loosen the first lanyard.
    Climb up the ladder....

    And when your supervisor want to know when you reach the top and start working, you simply say, "when I am done with Safety!!"

    Or do you know of a better excuse?
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    :) No better excuse than that!

    That's the cheep safety way to climb a cat-ladder. The employer should install a fall arrest system with a one way free sliding lanyard.
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    Yes that is the cheap way of doing it seeing that the client, issued a NCR on the climbing contractor but ignored the fact that the ring cage broke off a year earlier. And you will be shocked if I tell you who owns the cat ladder. But this is a typical case of the client screwing both the law and the contractor.
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    The following itemises a minimum PPE list that each
    climber should have on site before ascending a
    · Eye protection
    · First aid kit
    · Waterproof jacket and trousers
    · Hand protection - Gloves

    This is an extract of the H&S Specification issued by the client who issued the NCR to a contractor for wearing soft shoes whilst climbing and not steel capped boots.
    What I do find rather appauling is the requirement for waterproof jacket and trousers, as it is prohibited to perform any climbing work in wet weather.

    So, if you only climb in dry weather, why the waterproof clothing? To protect those below when you wet your pants?

    It shows you that even a Doctorate in H&S does not prove you understand the job the employee has to perform.
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    It is clear that you are dying to let the cat out of the bag and spill the beans as to who's ladder and specification it is. :)
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    Not at all.. But I can tell you this. The manager of this safety officer is a member of SAIOSH. The safety officer in question is not a member of any professional body or the SACPCMP. But hey, why appoint a registered person if you can get reps at three for the price of one?

    And what I really want to do is to make sure that this safety officer NEVER gets registered with the SACPCMP until he goes for training and learn how to act in an ethical manner. You do not act like a speedcop hiding in the bushes and taking photographs and then send it all over the show and raise NCR's and then expect the contractor to take action when you cannot even identify the person in the picture. How would you feel if I take a picture of you without a hard hat on site, and send it to your boss, and your client?
    But HE has x ray vision. He can see the person is not attached to the ladder. He can see the person is not wearing a fall restraint ( which is longer than the height of the fall in this case) - all from a distance of about 60 meters.
    And HE insists we give the personal information of the person on the ladder.
    Why is HE so talented?

    Firstly because he is shorter than his boss, who happens to be a woman, and secondly, he is the client.
    He is so good at protecting people that when he took the photograph, he could not wait to get back to the office to write a NCR. Should he not have stopped the "unsafe" actions? No, that is not in the interest of health & safety. The paperwork is.

    Neels, you cannot believe how tired I am of this. It is ruining everything the rest of us work for. And short of throwing them off the side of a building and filling in an Annexure 2, there is nothing we can do. If we name and shame, everybody lose their jobs. Just because everybody works for the same unethical client.
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    Would love to know who the client agent is? Oh!! dear what can the matter be why does the SACPCMP not want to register me. Because I say it is to costly ? why don't they make it affordable and at least get the chance to monitor me, oh!! dear what can the matter be. SAIOSH should take this manager and issue him with a penalty and help save the industry.
  8. RE: "Should he not have stopped the "unsafe" actions? No, that is not in the interest of health & safety. The paperwork is."

    Thank you!
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    I agree,just install a vertil life line with the correct fall arrest device