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  1. Neels Nortje

    Neels Nortje Moderator

    Welcome to our Occupational Heath and Safety Forum. This is by far the best online Construction Health and Safety Forum that you will find on the internet that caters for South African working conditions.

    On this forum you will not only find information but also be able to participate in discussions related to the following Construction Health and Safety topics:

    Administrative & Legal Requirements,
    Education, Training & Promotion,
    Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness,
    Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing,
    Scaffolding, Form Work & Support Work,
    Fall Protection,
    Electrical Safeguarding,
    Emergency / Fire Prevention & Protection,
    Material Hoist,
    Transport & Material Handling,
    Site Plant & Machinery,
    Plant & Storage Yards / Site Workshops Specifics,
    Workplace, Environment, Health & Hygiene.

    The forum member base ranges from Registered Health and Safety Professionals in Construction to persons that merely have an interest in Construction Health and Safety. Information is shared freely and willingly by all members on a daily basis. Become part of the family and register today, it is free!

    Safety Regards
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  2. Claire Deacon

    Claire Deacon New Member


    Well done on this! Glad you have remembered to add the 'health' to the safety!

    I hope this will be for all regions, not just KZN?


  3. Neil Enslin

    Neil Enslin Moderator

    Welcome Claire, hope that you will take part in the forum as it is for ANYONE AND EVRYONE the are active in construction industry!!!
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  4. Ben Anderson

    Ben Anderson New Member

    Hi Claire,
    Welcome on the site.

  5. Gregor

    Gregor New Member

    Hi everyone
    To all of you who had anything to do with this website I must congratulate you on a superb site.
    Not being specifically involved just in construction, but in Risk in the manufacturing environment it is always nice to touch base with those who focusses on one specific part of the industry.
    During my years in the explosives industry I was involved in some big construction projects and even in the other industries I have worked and it is disconcerting to see that there are still so many
    Involved in construction that are not on par with the construction regulations.
    Thanks for starting this forum and sharing knowledge. I believe that we should share knowledge and not keep
    It to ourselves in doing that we will create a safer workplace for all.
  6. Neels Nortje

    Neels Nortje Moderator

    Welcome to the forum Gregor:)