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    The chemicals and cleaning products that sit side by side in cupboards, the garage, the bathroom, the basement and the attic could be extremely harmful if they are mixed or use incorrectly, ASSE notes.
    "Working safely with chemicals in the home is really no different than working with them in the workplace," ASSE member Pam Ferrante, CSP, CHMM, of Pittsburgh, said. "Sometimes the chemicals used are more hazardous and we use larger quantities [in the workplace], but the safety principles are the same. We urge everyone to be cautious."
    For example: You've just about finished a bottle of cleaner but don't want to throw it out. So you set it aside. Months later, you go back and find that corrosion has begun to develop around the cap and you realize you should put it in the garbage.
    But should you drain the contents? And if so, where?
    This is just one of several questions people ask themselves when it comes to chemical safety in the home.
    Guidelines to Increase Chemical Safety at Home
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    Great question and interesting topic to open to the public. I agree that we as an owner of hazardous materials at home tend to disregard proper disposal of household chemicals. Just like what you said on the above post, it is possible that a lot of people leave their bottle of chemical in a stock room for a very long time and realize later on that it already begun its corrosion phase. Now, normally an average person would just throw it in the garbage as it is, not thinking of its effect in the environment and peoeple who will actually dispose the material. Its not that they totally don't care, just happened that they're not aware of it. People need to be aware of the proper disposing of such harmful chemicals.

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    I realize that cleaning products can scare to our body and it's chamical very harmful for us. I have some knowledge about green cleaning products and i think it is not a harmful for us. What is your opinion for green products and we can use or not without any fear of effects.
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    The first step to reduce your child's accident contact your inventory at home. What is the old or the date, or you did not use a very long time, should be properly disposed of in accordance with county, state and federal levels of environmental protection laws.
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