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    "Material Hoist" Construction Regulation 17

    A contractor of a material hoist shall not require or permit any person to operate such a hoist, unless the person is competent in the operation thereof.

    A contractor shall cause every material hoist -

    (a) to be inspected on a daily basis by a competent person who has been appointed in writing and has the experience pertaining to the erection and maintenance of material hoists or similar machinery;

    (b) inspection contemplated in paragraph (a), to include the determination of the serviceability of the entire material hoist including guides, ropes and their connections, drums, sheaves or pulleys and all safety devices;

    (c) inspection results to be entered and signed in a record book, which shall be kept on the premises for that purpose;

    (d) to be properly maintained and that the maintenance records in this regard are kept on site.
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