Notification of construction work.

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    Notification of construction work:

    (1) A principal contractor who intends to carry out any construction work shall -

    (a) before carrying out that work, notify the provincial director in writing of the construction work if it includes -
    (i) the demolition of a structure exceeding a height of 3 meters; or
    (ii) the use of explosives to perform construction work; or
    (iii) the dismantling of fixed plant at a height greater than 3 meters.

    (b) before carrying out that work, notify the provincial director in writing when the construction work -

    (i) exceeds 30 days or will involve more than 300 person days of construction work; and
    (ii) includes excavation work deeper than 1 meter; or
    (iii) includes working at a height greater than 3 meters above ground or a landing.

    (2) The notification to the provincial director contemplated in subregulation (1) must be done on the form similar to Annexure A to these Regulations.

    (3) A principal contractor shall ensure that a copy of the completed form contemplated in subregulation (2) is kept on site for inspection by an inspector, client, client's agent or employee.

    As you might have notice this is a direct quote of what Construction Regulation 3 says, the Principal Contractor shall do the notification to the Department of Labour of their intend to do construction work.

    As many of you might or might not know the current CR are under review by the technical committee and they have proposed that the Client will be required to complete the notification of construction work and inform DOL in the future.

    Keep your eyes on this section, as we will update and infom you should these change be made.
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    Thanks for your sharing for the details and note during carring about the construction.