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    Did you know that you can submit your Notification of Construction work online?

    We have just released it. And are awaiting DOL approval. In essence you simply log on to any website where the form is found and complete the details. Then you can select the Regional office where the Notice must be sent.

    You can also select to send it to your client, the client's agent, the designer and any other person you choose.
    The DOL will receive your notice within 1 hour. (unless there is load-shedding and their email is off).

    Companies interest in having the form on their websites are welcome to send me a message.

    You can also visit our website.

    We trust this will make your life easier!


    Deon Walters
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  2. Neels Nortje

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    Hi Deon,

    Please explain what you mean by:

    "And are waiting DoL approval"
    "simply log on to any website where the form is found ... "

  3. HSEMobil

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    Hi Neels

    At the moment we are not able to provide a "Signature" on the Notification, unless users are willing to pay for secured digital signatures.
    For this reason we applied for approval of the system to send an unsigned Annexure 2 to the Regional office.
    We suggested that a condition of approval is that the actual signed copy is available on site.

    If you complete the online form, and enter your email address, i.e., a read report will be sent to you.
    Thus far it is the only proof you will have that the system actually delivered the notification. This is also only true if the recipient agrees to send a read report.
    It will depend on how their mail client is configured.
    You can try it, but it WILL send the notice to the DOL in "Activate" mode.

    Our argument for sending unsigned documents is the fact that the DOL wants to know about sites. And this we can do.
    The system is SSL encrypted so any notification will come from a real person. There is obviously the risk of pranksters abusing the system.
    To counter this, we introduced multi-user approval. You complete the form, but it will not send until your manager approves it.
    It also records the IP address of the sender, so in case of abuse, legal action will not be an issue.

    The system is capable of sending 2 000 Annexure 2's per month. Perhaps you can advise of the monthly workload in new projects??

    Re any website, see my comment above
    "Companies interest in having the form on their websites are welcome to send me a message."

    Enjoy your day Neels

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